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Seasonal Energy Cleanses

Registration for the Spring Equinox Energy cleanse is now closed.  But you can still plant your seeds of intention with our complimentary gift of a personalized
"Spring Intention Seed Bomb"
sent directly to you.

Full Moon Circles

Have you ever found yourself wondering?

How can I remove whatever is standing between myself and my own inner guidance? 

How can I connect with the natural world in a deeper, richer way?

Where can I find a safe & sacred space to connect with women and talk about what it means to be a woman in today's world?

The full moon is a powerful time to perform ceremonies and healing work. This is when the moon’s energy is strongest. During the full moon, people’s moods change; the energy of the world can feel chaotic. We may not know what to do with this energy.


Gathering in circle is a powerful architecture (and just as powerful virtually!).  Shoulder to shoulder, hearts facing the center, gathering with the common goal of honoring and expressing your Divine Feminine energy and setting intentions in a space of support and Earth-honoring rituals.

Next Circle

Sunday, 4.25 7 pm CST

Facilitated by

Lisa Strylowski RN, NBC-HWC, RYT

Danielle Aimone LCSW, LAC, RYT

*Donation-based event

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