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Death Doulaship

A death doula is typically a non-medical professional who provides emotional and spiritual support throughout the dying & death transition. As a registered nurse, I function more like an "end of life midwife" and tend to the full-spectrum of the end of life experience.

About Deathwork

My path to this sacred work began as a nurse in intensive care units, and continued to sitting vigil with family members; both human and animal. I had the sense that death was part of my life's work as I felt the honor and the purpose in "walking people home". Drawn to the spiritual and energetic aspects of death, I desire to bring a wider spiritual perspective to the experience of death and dying. 


My role as a death doula involves assisting the dying and their loved ones in navigating the spectrum of end of life processes. I weave my experience as a critical care and hospice nurse with my training in human consciousness and holistic healing to be of service through contemplation & preplanning, legacy work, continuous "11th hour" death accompaniment, postmortem care, ceremonial/memorial phase, and grief support. Everyone's journey through this transition point is different and I make every effort to support yours the way you envision, centering your values and augmenting your autonomy. 

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