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Spring Equinox Energy Cleanse 

What is an energy cleanse?

an ancient practice with profound benefits for healing and balancing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of our beings, which can be a challenge in our modern environment. It is a practical, universal approach for cultivating balance in our relationship with mindfulness, movement, nourishment, and self-care.  The purpose of an energy cleanse is to release blockages and feelings of "stuckness" and allow for expansion and revitalization.  The cycles of our bodies mimic the changes of the seasons, so it is advantageous to cleanse with the changes of the seasons to shed the energy of seasons past to create space for what needs to flow in.

Colorful Crystal

What are the benefits of this type of cleanse?

  • Reduces stress & anxiety

  • Relaxes your nervous system; calming the mind &  body

  • Eliminates toxins and excess or blocked energy

  • Strengthens your immune system

  • Increases your vitality & overall health

  • Promotes the healing of your organs & tissues 

  • Re-establishes your body’s natural state of balance

  • Learn holistic ways to support your specific energy needs to achieve flow & balance

  • Develop an intuitive relationship with your sacred self

What is the energy system?

The 7 chakras are part of the most commonly known chakra system made of seven energy centers located along the spine and ending in the brain, from the perineum area to the top of the head.


The mainstream chakra system is based on a Hindu chakra system that recognizes seven distinct “wheels” or “centers” of energy that are perpetually in motion along the human body’s spinal column. Each possessing its own color and vibrational frequency, these wheels are the catalysts of consciousness and human function. They govern various emotional issues, from our survival instincts and self-esteem to our ability to communicate and experience love.

Meet Your Facilitators

 The seeds of a healer within me were planted many lifetimes ago. My first career as a registered nurse developed roots of profound understanding of the physical body and the gift of guiding others through their health journey. 

Those roots grew and I saw a way to more deeply guide others in healing and growth. And it started with healing myself.


I felt the effects of years of chronic stress.  Poor sleep, long work hours, prioritizing the health of others over my own, and calling it the price of being a healer.  I had toxic overload in my personal life as well- relationships, environment, and lifestyle choices. 


I began practicing yoga to help with my own chronic stress, anxiety, and a variety of physical ailments.  I learned about the healing power of holistic nutrition and energy healing modalities; all of which allowed me to shift my life in powerful ways. 


I have since become a board-certified health  & nutrition coach, therapeutic yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, and certified clinical trauma provider and founded Wander woman wellness as my container to grow a holistic healing practice.

My practice is rooted in the pillars of science, psychology, nutrition, and spirituality.  I am passionate about holding a sacred & safe space for you to break free of what holds you back from reconnecting with your authentic self and embrace walking in your dharma, your soul's highest expression of self.  

About Lisa Strylowski

Lisa Strylowski is a Registered Nurse, board-certified integrative health and nutrition coach, and somatic healer. Lisa works in individual and group settings and has worked with clients from diverse cultural, ethnic, geographical, and personal backgrounds. Her work is trauma-informed and she is passionate about helping others rediscover their inner wisdom and power to heal through reconnecting with their internal and external environments. 


Lisa’s career began as a nurse in the fields of critical care and organ donation. She now facilitates health and healing from a more holistic approach that guides people to achieve health and wholeness through reconnecting from soil to soul.


Lisa is also a  trauma-informed yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, Certified Clinical Trauma Provider, Certified Integrative Medicine Mental Health Provider, and is currently undergoing training to become a soil advocate through Kiss The Ground. She is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and accredited by the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. 

As a Registered Somatic Movement Educator + Therapist with years of diverse experiences, I am deeply passionate about guiding you to calm your busy mind, listen to your body, and find balance in your inner and outer world.


Though this is the work of my life today, it hasn’t always been this way…


While I was “successful” to the outside world, for a long time I felt lost. I was overworked, overstressed, and so disconnected from my emotions they began to manifest as physical symptoms. It wasn’t until I stumbled into somatic movement and experienced my own awakening that I truly began to feel alive in the life I was living.


Now, I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Founder of Move Somatic Mindfulness, and dedicated to supporting others in their own journeys of embodiment and connection.


Move Somatic Mindfulness LLC is my compilation of energy work, trauma training, somatic techniques, and my love of dance that I hope will empower you in a fresh way.

About Jamie Elizabeth Klausing 


Jamie Klausing is an intuitive movement healer motivating people to move their mind, body, and energy to create access to all of the best life has to offer.  She is the Founder of Move - somatic mindfulness LLC; an online studio for energy healing that helps people live fully, authentically, and freed up from illness and suffering.


Jamie has extensive experience as a Reiki Master Teacher and Somatic Director at Mind Body Co-op, teaching and guiding therapists and clients of all ages and backgrounds to clear their minds and elevate their energy by leaning into their body's natural ability to move and heal.  She has worked with clients who are suffering from physical, debilitating conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, and lymphoma, as well as clients who are trying to work through trauma, anxiety, and depression. 


With the arsenal of mindful music and movement, she calls “energy medicine”, Jamie has presented and facilitated experiential events for WAAT - Women’s Association for Addiction Treatment, NEDA – National Eating Disorders Association,  Illinois Psychological Association Annual Convention, Northwestern Medicine – Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, Faculty Scholars Program in Integrative Healthcare

and Northwestern Medicine – Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, Faculty.  

Three 2-hour live workshop sessions on 3.20, 3.27, and 4.3

One hour closing circle for integration on 4.10

What's Included?

  • A live 2-hour workshop each week. Weeks 1 - 3 will feature education, live practices, & healings with your facilitators.

  • The fourth and final session will be a Closing Circle & Celebration.

  • Pre-recorded yoga, meditation, & movement sessions to support your practice between sessions and are designed to complement and follow each of the weekly live workshops.

  • All sessions will be recorded for viewing at your convenience during the cleanse.

  • Curated Chakra Cleanse Kit delivered to you. Includes cleansing ritual accessories, elixirs, herbals, and more for use in the cleanse and your daily life.

  • Downloadable Chakra Cleanse Guide with all written materials including healing, nourishing, recipes, meal planning tools, food, mood, and lifestyle journal.

  • Exclusive access to a private community where you can connect, interact with, and support each other during the cleanse and beyond.

  • Lifetime access to all cleanse materials.

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