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My Philosophy

My passion & purpose is to help you feel truly seen and heard. I provide a safe & therapeutic container so you can learn to trust your own body wisdom and reconnect with your intuition without having to outsource your solutions; especially to the systems or providers who have dismissed you.

 I offer highly empathetic support through the challenges that come when shift happens. I embrace the great healing wisdom that already exists within you, and I look forward to being your guide in reconnecting with your wild, wise, and whole self.

Why I do this work

  • Our modern lifestyle is not conducive to optimal physical or spiritual health

  • You can't live truly well if you're experiencing states of imbalance or disconnect

  • The world needs heart-led, truly integrative healers who embrace the whole person and their entire lived experience.

  • I'm a fierce advocate for fully informed healthcare consent. This is not the norm and I educate my clients to make decisions regarding their health and life from a place of sovereignty rather than scarcity.

  • It's time we reclaim the divine feminine within all of us! 

My Intentions

There is no one path, nor right path to healing. I support each client with a unique blend of ancient & modern healing modalities to help each individual discover their own healing potential.

Everything can heal under the right circumstances. 

My intention as a healer is to give you the tools to journey into wholeness.  The best way to learn more is by scheduling a complimentary connection call with me!

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