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The Spicy Disaster Chronicles

Not a hot mess; a spicy disaster

I forget how or when I first heard this phrase, but I knew it was a moniker I was destined to adopt. I laughed so hard tears ran down my face just like the last live "Burning Woman" performance I gave over Indian takeout.


I am and always have been klutzy and accident-prone (ask me about the time I T-boned a school bus). One week a month, I truly should be wrapped in bubble wrap. P.S. If this is you also we NEED to talk, I've yet to find another woman who suffers this same costly & cataclysmic plight!!

Maybe it's the predominant Pitta in me.  I run so hot my partner has dubbed me "Therm Girl"(imagine the superhero possibilities!) Still, I thrive under the hot sun, I cry tears of satisfaction from spicy foods that require disclaimers.  I feel and wear my emotions like one of Lady Gaga's red carpet numbers.


I am so passionate about people, places, and things I love, and my inclination to change my mind, chase dreams and seek wild adventures probably make some view me as unpredictable, unfocused, or unprofessional. At least that's the fear-based narrative I felt for most of my life.

For years I tried to put this part of myself on ice. I felt I needed to button it up to be respected as a woman, a professional, a partner, and a friend. It never worked.  The inner conflict boiled inside of me, and I felt chronically repressed, out of place, and self-conscious. 

Fire transforms. Keeping that fire inside was causing me to self-combust. To let it go and let it flow allows passionate thoughts to transform into action. I might not always have a buttoned-up way of sharing my thoughts, but it's raw, real, and I've come to bask in the afterglow.

So herein lies my blog, the Spicy Disaster Chronicles. A collection of all things I feel called to share with you in no particular order. I don't claim to be the only person wandering this life in occasional chaos. We all experience it in different ways, on different days. But when you start to think you're a hot mess, invite yourself to the delicious reframe of being a spicy disaster. And if you have some disastrously spicy stories of your own, I want to hear them! 

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